Can you get warts from touching frogs?

Can you get warts from touching frogs?

When I was in one of my trips in China, I discovered something that shocked me a bit. Chinese people do eat frogs. When I saw them, all I could think about was that time when I was little and believed that by touching frogs I will get warts. Since I recently discovered Wartrol, this great treatment that offers quick relief to warts in the comfort of home, I remembered how much fun I had in China and how those people were enchanted by the frog legs they ate, frogs that do not even cause warts.

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I know today that by touching frogs you will not get warts. Some people might still believe this, but the truth is that warts are caused by Human Papillomavirus and frogs have nothing to do with this virus. Though, it does not mean that I am willing to touch – or eat! – frogs. This myth related to frogs and warts has been around for a long time and perhaps it occurred because many toads and frogs have on their skin some bumps that look like warts. Yet, it was scientifically proved that touching them will not give warts.

What are warts?

Warts are, based on WebMD, growths of skin that can appear on any part of the body. Face, hands, neck, chest, abdomen, back, feet, knees, soles of the feet, genitalia – they can all get invaded by these unpleasant and embarrassing warts. Caused by HPV, warts can be accompanied by itchiness, pain and soreness, depending on the area when they appear. They can spread easily from one part of the body to another, but it can also contaminate other people.

Because warts are so contagious, it is very important to eliminate them quickly and prevent their spreading. I recently discovered Wartrol on the website , I used it to remove a wart from the sole of my left foot and I can honestly say that I am more than happy with my results. No, I did not take the wart from stepping on a frog. I do not even know how I got it, but I am thankful that Wartrol helped me eliminate it quickly, at my home. This natural solution has to be applied only on the wart, for several times per day until it will disappear. It took me 4 days, but now I can walk without feeling pain and I will sure keep this wart remover at reach in case if warts appear again.

This powerful product can be used on common and plantar warts, which means that the warts found on hands and soles of the feet can be eliminated with Wartrol. But since common warts can appear somewhere else than hands, this natural wart remover can be applied there too and still eliminate the bump safely and effectively.

Regardless if you have touched or not frogs and you have warts, you can safely remove these growths of skin in your home with Wartrol. Eliminate warts before they would become embarrassing or painful. Use Wartrol and get quick relief to unpleasant warts!

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